Angela Suto


Angela Suto is a Hungarian artist. She was studying in a private art school in Hungary. She is painting cityscapes mostly with oil. Her artworks can be found in many collections in all around the world from Australia to the Falkland Islands. She is working with art galleries based in New Jersey and Vienna too. She is a passionate traveler, animal-lover and humanitarian. “My goal is to show people that cities are not just crowded places, every city is beautiful in its own way. We can find this beauty in the rhythm of the traffic or in the play of shadow and light in the street.” Solo exhibitions: 2004 – Kazincbarcika, Hungary 2006 – Esztergom Hungary 2015 – Vasvár, Hungary 2016 – Szombathely, Hungary 2017 – Budapest, Hungary Group exhibitions: 2019 December – Miami Red Dot Art Show, Miami, USA 2019 December – Salon Exhibition Vienna, Austria

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